Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)


Dear Friends,

   Experience has taught us clearly that people become members of the Catholic Church because someone invited them or spoke to them about it.  Have you ever thought about why this is?  Consider the fact that those who join the Church have to give up many old ways and habits.  Not easy to do.  We typically resist change and find it painful to adopt new attitudes, especially when friends and family might be questioning this decision. Society today tries to tell us that we should keep our faith to ourselves.  RCIA candidates want and need you to affirm  this is a good decision and that you will be there for them.

     We can say “I don’t care, let them decide for themselves.” Just understand that if that is our attitude, then we really don’t care about seeing them receive the gifts of the sacraments and salvation.  Recently I read an article on conversation that stated that there are common elements that influence people to become Catholics.  Let’s look at some of them from the perspective of a potential convert:

        1.  You are marrying a Catholic (now you want to share and practice your faith together.)

        2.  You are already married to a Catholic and your children are being raised Catholic.  (It’s natural to want to share in the sacramental experiences of your family.)

        3.  You lived in a “Catholic world” all your life.  (Often someone joins us whom everyone in the parish assumed was already Catholic.)

        4.  You don’t know much about Catholicism but you have a friend, neighbor, or family member who has inspired you to learn more.  (Actions speak louder than words.”)

        5.  You have suffered a personal loss and are seeking to improve your life.  (“Blessed are those who  mourn, for they shall be comforted.)

        6.  You don’t know why,  you just feel something calling you to the Church.  (It’s the Holy Spirit…listen to it.)

        We all know people who fall into these categories above.  Are we going to ignore them or invite them into OLQP?  The world is a very efficient evangelizer of the material life that does not last, but your faith lasts forever.  Yes, we have work to do and each of us plays a part in the evangelization process at our parish.  No Church bulletin, letter or announcement can accomplish this because the folks we are trying to reach usually are not here to hear or read it.  Make the effort to help someone discover their “journey of faith” and enrich their “spiritual lives.”  Do it today!

        Contact the Parish Office at 410-686-3085 or see Fr. Kevin Mueller, Barry Shadrach, or George Kasch.  

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